How to Please Your Man on Steak & Knobber Day


No other holiday is as self-explanatory, since we are men and we like things as simple as possible. Here is the basic breakdown for you:

1.    Choose the steak and fire up the grill
. If this is a budding relationship, any steak will do. If your intentions with this man are honorable, you should find out his favorite cut of meat and prepare it to his liking. Side dishes should consist of a baked potato, mashed potatoes, or steak fries.
2.    The Knobber is the side dish.
You could also prepare a nice salad or hot vegetable to accompany the meal, but it really isn’t necessary. He is a guy, he knows what the holiday is all about, and vegetables are like gourmet foreplay. He just wants to get to the main course as quickly as possible.
3.    After he is done, leave him alone. Not after the steak, but after the Knobber. It isn’t that we don’t want to cuddle; we just need a few minutes to gather our thoughts. If you do a good job on the Knobber, you can look forward to a special thing we like to call “Round Two.”  Realize that sometimes round two can be like sudden-death over time. When the first player scores the game is over. It also should be understood that any form of Round Two is clearly a bonus, or reward for a job well done, and should never be expected on Steak & Knobber Day.  Otherwise, it would be called Steak, Knobber, and Throwing Her A Shot Day.

Something to think about: The expression “you get what you give” has a great meaning here. He set the bar with Valentine’s Day. If he set the bar very low, by getting you a card and chocolates, then it won’t be too difficult to one-up him. If you got jewelry, dinner for two at Morton’s, and a massage, then you have your work cut out for you. Remember, He still has your Birthday and the Holiday Season to get you more gifts. Raise that bar now!

For tips on cooking the perfect steak, check this link. For tips on giving the perfect knobber, check this link. He will be glad you did. For more tips on a successful Steak & Knobber Day, subscribe to the Knobber News.

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One Response to “How to Please Your Man on Steak & Knobber Day”
  1. Lola says:

    Wow this totally made my husband day. To bad he doesnt believe in valentines:/ so I guess I can’t believe in steaknknobber day. Lol

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